This last week I had the opportunity to photograph a dedicated and relentless San Diegan (…Diegon?), mother and entrepreneur. I was contacted by Sabina a few weeks ago after she found my work on Instagram. It turned out that she too is an entrepreneur, who runs a local convenience stores with her husband, raises two […]

Calling all San Diegans!   If you’ve been wanting to update your professional headshot but didn’t want to spend a crazy amount of money doing it, NOW is the time!   Alisha Leytem​ of the Zen Babe tribe and I are co-hosting an event called Headshots and Healing on Saturday June 9th in San Diego […]

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love animals! And the San Diego Humane Society is very near and dear to my heart. I volunteer at the Gaines street location weekly and support as many of their events as I can by lending a hand with my photography. This past weekend they hosted their largest […]

While having a glass of wine with my husband (Shane) the other night, he asked me very sincerely, “Why photography? Why not painting, or sculpting?”.     First of all, I can’t paint, so there’s that (unless you count paint by numbers). Second, I’m way too clumsy to sculpt so there’s never going to be […]

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